Visitor Facts

Looking for a church in Orange County? University United Methodist Church in Irvine, CA is a Christian Church that helps people live out their calling of God’s family through heartfelt worship, education, community service, social gatherings, and high-energy kid’s programs.

We believe that all people are Created in divine image and we celebrate the diversity of all God’s beloved children. We are in the heart of Irvine at the corner of Culver and University and have been active in the community since 1966.  We are a dynamic community representing myriad ethnic, racial, cultural, economic, and social backgrounds; a collection only God could assemble.

We understand that finding a local church home is an unnerving task. The difficulty is magnified when you are unsure about the details that matter to you: what services are like, what is the community like, will I be asked to give money, how do we dress…among others! To serve you, we've answered some commonly asked questions below.

  • Where is University United Methodist Church located?

    Our address is 18422 Culver Drive, Irvine, CA 92612. We are located on the corner of Culver and University Drive in Irvine, CA, about 15 miles southeast of the Disneyland Resort. Click on google icon on the left for a detailed map or call 949.786.8354 if you need additional help. 

  • What happens During the Worship Service?

    The 9:30 AM service is our spirited traditional service, with a bit more traditional Methodist liturgy and hymns led by organ or piano. There is a time of gathering, congregational praise singing, Scripture and sermon, prayer, giving, and response. Ideally, these lead to a meaningful time of experiencing God, authenticity, faith, hope, and love. We also have a great choir, and exceptional vocalists bringing you the Bible message in song each Sunday!

  • What Happens After the Worship Service?

    Some people head right to their cars, while most others head to the “Gathering Grounds,” located adjacent to the sanctuary, for free coffee and light refreshments. You will be able to meet people who are part of the church, visit the Friendship Table (designed for new folks), ask questions, and even get a tour of the campus if you would like; but basically, there’s a whole lot of talking going on!

  • What is the community like?

    We are a real, relevant church aimed to influence the emerging culture. You'll find us to be a God centered, caring community of individuals who are excited about having the opportunity to extend to you the same love, hope and joy we have received from the Lord. Our small group gatherings are designed to be a place where relationships are fostered, and real life happens with community.

    Whether you attend our 9:30 am worship service, the 11:00 am Korean-speaking service, the 1:00 pm Japanese-speaking service, bring your kids to our Preschool, and/or Sunday school (3-12 years of age), Scouts, participate in bible studies, small groups, health ministries, dinner groups, volunteer with events/activities like our Vacation Bible School, or a Missions Trip overseas, there is something for everyone.

  • University United Methodist Church Attributes:

    • We seek to follow Jesus, wherever the Spirit leads.
    • We are a safe place. We are all about grace, not guilt.
    • Our heart is mission. We are vitally involved in numerous mission ventures, locally and around the world.
    • We are glad to be a part of the United Methodist Church, but our allegiance is to Jesus, not to any denomination.
    • Being generous with what God has blessed us with is an absolute privilege and to be done with a grateful heart. It is an honor that we are invited to participate in this way.
    • Jesus welcomed the little children. So do we! We invest a significant amount of our resources in children and youth programming.
    • Our music program is renowned both for its quality and for how much fun the participants have!

  • If I visit Will I Stick Out?

    No. You won’t be asked to give, to stand up, to introduce yourself, or to wear a “visitor-I’m-here-but-clueless” button. There is a nice time during the service when everyone shares their name with 3 or 4 people seated around them. There is also the opportunity to write your name on the “Friendship Pad,” which is very helpful for us as a church, although you can pass if you like.

  • Will I Stick Out If I am Single?

    No. There are many people who are either unmarried or “single-at-church” because their spouse has passed away or doesn’t choose to attend.

  • What do my kids do?

    Children are always welcome to worship with their families at our services; however, arrangements have been made for those with shorter attention spans.

    • Professional childcare providers are on staff for infants 0-2 years old.

    • Preschool-6th grade children are invited to participate in Kid Jam in the Education Building – a fun interactive service just for them!

    • Glow is a place for all youth in grades 6-12 to grow and to belong. Each week they gather at 9:30am on Sunday for a lesson, an activity, and sometimes even a party in the Youth Room!

  • What should I wear?

    University United Methodist Church, you’re welcome to wear whatever you’d like. There is no set dress code, although the attire is more on the casual side. Just be you!

  • Where Do I Park?

    Our parking lot is large enough to accommodate both members and visitors without any problem. 

  • If I am disabled; do you have a place for me?

    Chances are, you wouldn’t be the only one in a wheelchair or with a walker. We have 7 handicapped parking spots easily accessible to the front door of the main sanctuary. We also have greeters at the door who open the doors for everyone. 

  • Will I be asked to give money?

    No! Many people give online, or through automatic withdrawal. 

  • Do I Need A Bible?

    No, although some folks like to bring their own, so they can make notes. We use a fair amount of Scripture in our services. You can choose to read from your own bible or the overhead screens.

  • These answers were okay, but how can I find out more about the church?

    You can email for more information.