A place for all youth to shine!

Join us for Glow on Sundays at 9:30am


Glow is a place for all youth in grades 6-12 to grow and to belong.  

Each week we gather at 9:30am on Sunday for a lesson, an activity, and sometimes even a party!

My name is Aidee Truitt, and I am the Youth Ministries Coordinator here at University United Methodist Church. 

Over the course of my time here, we have been able to accomplished quite a bit — all in efforts to promote connection and love. 

Here at UUMC Youth: Connect, the goal is both simple yet incredibly relevant: to help the youth connect with God, connect with others, and to connect with themselves.

To foster these principles, we conduct a youth service each Sunday, complete with conversation regarding biblical principles while also discussing ways to apply these principles to the every day life of each of the youth. 

We also have multiple outings throughout the month, which each include games and food, and once a month, we gather with other youth groups and have a united gathering.

It is important to ensure that the youth are able to add their input, preferences, comments, questions, and concerns, so we work to ensure that they have a safe space to grow and speak and wonder.

As we work to build Connect, we will be sure to add additional updates. As I tell the youth as we pray out, may you feel safe here and loved everywhere you go.

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